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State-of-the-art solutions for the continuous improvement of telecommunication operators' data services.


We are TGR.


Company created in 2013 with the objective of developing state-of-the-art solutions to improve telecommunication operators' networks. Our software can be customized for different applications in order to support: quality measurements, network planning and performance analysis. We have a team of highly qualified professionals, mostly teachers, doctors and masters in engineering and computer science. We make a link between the academic and business world, and currently we are part of the group of companies of the COPPE / UFRJ Incubator.


Creating opportunities for the new scenario where broadband is the main access

The broadband market has been affected by two important factors for carrier companies


THE NEED OF QoS : Regulators in several countries are setting high quality standards for carrier broadband deliveries. In addition, with the advent of OTTs (video, game, voice, etc.), end users increasingly demand a good quality carrier service that requires a high quality standards (speed, latency, jitter).


DIGITAL HOMES: The complex ecosystem of digital homes, with multiple devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, smart TVs, etc.) connected by wi-fi network poses a great challenge for telecom carriers to ensure customer satisfaction without having control of how the residence network was designed.


TGR introduces a modular platform that enables telecommunication carriers to improve their customers' broadband experience

  • Measurement of QoS parameters from the point of view of end users

  • Assistance in diagnosing network problems and capacity management

  • Assistance in identifying the quality of the network over the connection of the broadband provider and the wi-fi coverage of the customer's residence as well as its applications