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Through modular and multiservice software, we assist telecom carriers to provide QoS within the connected ecosystem of digital homes.


1. Measurement of broadband quality for regulators and operators

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  • Probes (off-the-shelf gateways) are distributed on a few residences
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  • Measures are taken against several servers distributed over the network (on-net, off-net and international)
  • Flexibility for creating and specifying QoS parameters for each carrier
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  • Data is collected and maintained on remote servers
  • Access to a configurable management system where it is possible to manage the probes and servers, as well as the consolidated results in a user friendly panel

Detailed diagram

2. Management dashboard. Customized and parameterized for various needs

3. Network management

• The TGR platform assists in network management by measuring key QoS parameters for different points in the network. This allows the identification of possible bottlenecks at different times of the day

  • Quality metrics collected from end users networks

  • Download throughput, jitter, latency, etc. from distinct routes

  • DNS response time from multiple common websites

• The diagnostics can be made from the data analysis (big data), bringing understanding of possible bottlenecks and recommendations of where to invest


4. Customer care / Reduced costs for operation

The TGR solution can identify all the devices used in the user's home - which are connected, how much bandwidth they are consuming and what type of use - from this type of analysis, we can segment the customer base and design more assertive offers for each profile


  • Residences with numerous devices connected in parallel through a wi-fi connection
  • Users often complain about their broadband experience to carriers but the problem is inside their homes





  • Capture of all devices connected to the customer's wi-fi network and its consumption
  • Identification of possible bottlenecks inside users homes
  • Self-diagnostic application, which allows suggestions for improvement of the local network